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Investing in Our Industry

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Not Your Typical Trade Association

Beyond our core NACS offering, the NACS Foundation and our Strategic Initiatives represent untapped potential to elevate and magnify your CSR and ESG efforts. 

NACS Core Offering

• Government Relations
• Education and Training
• Data and Insights
• Networking

NACS Foundation

• Response Relief
• Tomorrow Thrives
• Neighborhood Nourish
• Future Fund
• Community Cleanup

Strategic Initiatives

Responsible Retailing
• TruAge
Digital Search
The Future of Fueling
• Consumer insights
• Technical innovation

Research: We have a robust portfolio of quantitative and qualitative research solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the convenience and fuel retailing industry. Our vision is to advance the analytical capabilities, insights and business performance of retailers, brands and industry partners across our industry.

The NACS State of the Industry enterprise is our industry’s leading research entity. Our Research team collects, aggregates and presents operational and financial industry metrics and trends.

Our Convenience Voices solution delivers valuable and proprietary insights that are only available through NACS. Find out how you can access “moment of truth” insights from your customers by exploring what Convenience Voices can offer at www.convenience.org/conveniencevoices.

Government Relations: Our goal is to protect the best interests of the convenience and fuel retailing industry before Congress and federal agencies—especially against rules and regulations that can have a negative impact on your business.

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Membership: Joining NACS is the best way for your employees to access all the resources they need to succeed.

Education: Our world-class educational opportunities are designed for convenience retail leaders and employees who want to advance their subject matter expertise and leadership skills to successfully thrive and grow their business.

NACS Magazine: Each month we share insightful articles focusing on industry trends, best practices, metrics and advocacy. Subscriptions are free, you just need to sign up!

How can we help you?

Visit convenience.org to see how NACS can help your business thrive.