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The rise and fall of gasoline prices was one of the biggest stories in 2022. NACS staff was engaged in all angles related to the run-up to $5-plus gas. The most important media interaction was related to stories about price gouging—there were few thanks to our years of educating members of Congress, the media and the public on retail fueling issues and market conditions.

Here are some stories that reflect the news cycle on fueling in 2022:

In 2021, our top Google search terms were related to gas prices, an indicator of what people were searching for and how they were finding an answer:

  1. Does the president control gas prices    
  2. Who controls gas prices
  3. Do presidents control gas prices
  4. Who controls gas prices in the US         
  5. Does the government control gas prices

​The answers were communicated via the NACS Fuels Resource Center and our popular Convenience Corner blog posts. In 2022, we explained gas tax relief, oil company profits and why gas prices rise and fall.

The most viewed blog in 2022 was the most popular in 2021 as well: Does the President Control Gas Prices?. The blog post has been viewed nearly half a million times and earned the Gold EXCEL Award from AM&P Network for top association blog post.

In 2022, the most viewed Convenience Corner blog was the most popular in 2021 as well: Does the President Control Gas Prices?


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